About Derek

Derek Ott was impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a young age through his parents and was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was sixteen. He received his first years of ministry training in a local church from 1991-2000 where he began in the ministry of helps. These were formative years and times of character building. From washing toilets, to driving pastors to the airport, to setting up and tearing down sound systems, or leading all night prayer...he learned the values of discipline, serving, and submitting to spiritual authority. Through a passionate heart for God he continued to develop into a prolific songwriter, worship leader, and minister of the Gospel. In 2003 Derek sensed the call of God to pastor and to begin a church plant. Since that time he has been serving the Lord in full time ministry and in 2009 released his first worship album.

God recently released Derek from his pastoral responsibilities into the next stage of his calling: equipping the Body of Christ through the office of the prophet. He continues to be accountable to a solid pastoral team and is increasingly in high demand as a guest speaker nationally and internationally. His ministry is followed by miracles, healings, and various manifestations of God's presence. 

With a decade of experience pastoring a local church, Derek has a real heart for pastors and understands that the soul that waters should also be watered. He also has an intense passion to strengthen churches everywhere and to help equip believers to do the works of Jesus and thereby causing the next generation of leaders to rise in the body of Christ. He believes true, long lasting revival can only be facilitated through focusing on quality training and discipling rather than gathering people for the sake of numbers alone. 

In order to contribute to this need he gives training seminars and activates believers and leaders into their gifts and callings. Some of the trainings include the School of Prophets, (broken into three modules beginning with equipping believers to hear the voice of God and developing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit), the Apostolic Leadership Training, the Worship in Spirit & Truth School, and Divine Healing Technician Training. The DHTT is based on the original manual that John G. Lake used to train his Divine Healing Technicians who in turn got the same miraculous results.

Derek is also a member of ISAAC (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches), overseen by Dr. Jonathan David and serves on its apostolic team. Derek is happily married to Veronika and they live in the Chicago area with their lovely daughters Sophia and Eliana.

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