What We Believe About Divine Healing.

The following is a statement of what we believe about divine healing as revealed in the Bible supported by Dr. John G. Lake's healing manual which he used to train his divine healing technicians.

  1. 1. We believe that divine healing is the right and responsibility of every Christian.

  2. 2. We believe that any hinderance to the healing of any Christian is not of God.

  3. 3.  We believe that God is not our problem, but rather that He is our help.

  4. 4. We believe that any hinderance to healing is on the part of the enemy.

  5. 5. We believe that any sickness or disease can be overcome by a Christian if the Christian will exercise faith and power.

  6. 6. We believe that the enemy is not a serious hinderance and can be overcome by any Christian using the available tools and weapons provided by God.

  7. 7. We believe that the enemy can only be truly defeated by spiritual weapons and not by carnal/natural weapons devised by man.

  8. 8. We believe that Christians and non-Christians, without faith for healing, can be healed when Christians exercise Kingdom authority.

  9. 9. We believe that all sickness and disease is a work of the enemy and is to be defeated whenever and wherever they are encountered.