What exactly is equipping?

Ephesians 4:12 (AMP) tells us why God gave what we commonly refer to as the fivefold ministry to the Church:

"His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), that they should do the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church),"

The purpose of fivefold ministry is to perfect and equip the believers so they would in turn do the work Jesus assigned His disciples to do so that the Body of Christ could be built up. To equip literally means to furnish or to fit completely. It means to put a thing in its appropriate position, to establish and set up.

Before you can fulfill the call of God and His perfect plan for your life, you must be equipped! God wants to position you. He wants to set you up to succeed. His desire is to furnish you completely. How does He accomplish this? With the word of God and by His Spirit through God-ordained ministries.

Proverbs 4:7 (NKJV) says:
"Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding."

There are so many scriptures in which the apostle Paul prayed that the churches he was writing to would be given wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This can only come by hearing accurate, apostolic doctrine and teaching from the Word of God.

God loves you so much that not only did He give His only begotten Son for your complete salvation, and not only did He give you His Spirit when you were born again, but He gave ministries that work together to equip you with God's word so you can be more and more like Jesus. That's why the fivefold ministries exist. That is their purpose. Each one has their contribution to make because no one ministry has it all.

Derek Ott ministries is one of the fivefold ministries. As you listen to the word of God through this ministry you will be more and more equipped to do what God called you to do and to be more like Christ.

How you would like to be equipped today?