Leadership training

ALT (Apostolic Leadership Training)

is designed for believers, pastors, leaders, and those that are wanting to migrate into an apostolic mindset and further develop their leadership skills. Jesus is building His Church and we should understand what that looks like and how He plans to accomplish this. Leadership teams and church members alike will benefit from this school because it will paint a picture of church trends today and contrast them with Biblical patterns. Those that attend also will be equipped with a corporate mindset and a greater perspective of Biblical church life and community. God is raising leaders and you are one of them!

Some of the topics included:

  • Finding the right bricks to build the House of God
  • Covenant relationships
  • To confront or not to confront, that is the question!
  • Leaders Raise, Release, & Relate
  • The Law of the House
  • God's House of prayer
  • The goal of any ministry
  • Building a core leadership team and a spiritual family
  • Alignment for the assignment
  • Fathers and Sons: what the Bible says
  • Ephesus concept of building church
  • Antioch concept of building church
  • What makes God leave His own House
  • Taking believers to the next level
  • Strengthening the apostolic base
  • A Church in order is a well ordered House

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