Prophetic training

SOP (School of the Prophets)

The Old Testament records that the prophet Samuel was first called by God as a boy in a time when there was a corrupt priesthood. Although he knew he was called and even ministered to the Lord, he did not yet know the Lord in the sense of hearing God's voice or understanding the prophetic ministry he was called to. The priest or pastor that should have been able to train him was no longer in relationship with God. His name was Eli and God was longer talking to him. As Samuel developed on his own he started a school to train younger prophets. Elijah succeeded him and then Elisha succeeded Elijah as the head of the school.

There are many Christians today that find themselves in young Samuel's position. Whether you are called to be a prophet or a market place minister or an entrepreneur, the ability to hear God for your self is crucial. Christians and the emerging prophets of today need to be trained and developed just as they were in the Old Testament even though we are living in the New Testament. Jesus trained His disciples to hear God. Jesus is the chief prophet and apostle...He is everything! The goal of this school is to help to develop believers and those called to the prophetic ministry alike be tuned spiritually to the frequency of the Holy Spirit.

The full training consists of 3 modules:

Module 1

This is designed for anyone that desires to develop their capacity to hear the voice of God and become more intimate with the Holy Spirit. It is also for those who need foundational training in prophetic ministry: moving in the revelation gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and when and how to release prophetic words, etc.

After module one you will be activated and taught how to prophesy even if you have never done so before. (Don't worry, I'm good at my job :) )

Some of the topics covered in module 1 are:

  • How to be led by the Spirit of God
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Receiving visions from God
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • How to train the human spirit
  • Building in the spirit
  • Basic goal of prophecy
  • How to receive a message from God
  • The written word is a more sure word
  • Gift of prophecy or office of the prophet
  • Developing friendship with God
  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Different dimensions of the Presence of God

Module 2

Module 2 is for those that are new to the calling of prophet. It is also for pastors or leaders who oversee prophetic ministry in their church. Through this school they will gain a greater understanding of how to develop their relationship with those they oversee and how to deploy prophetic ministry in their church.

Some of the topics covered in module 2 are:

  • Divine order in presenting the Word
  • The role of New Testament Prophets
  • Defining the rest of the fivefold ministries and their roles
  • No substitute for a Holy life
  • Passing the test of failure
  • Passing the test of success
  • Passing the test of praise
  • How a true prophet becomes false
  • The principle of being sent
  • Accountability factor
  • Discerning the source from which you receive
  • Discerning of spirits and other ways to discern
  • Familiar spirits
  • Overcoming rejection and hurt
  • A prophet is not without honor
  • How to deal with when you miss God and what to do when you are wrong
  • Seeing people the way God sees them and drawing out their greatness
  • Judging prophetic words

Module 3

Module 3 is for those who have attended the previous modules and for prophets who already have a foundation of ministry experience and a proven track record. Module 3 will be more apostolic in nature and like a school of ministry in that it will include whatever present truth the Holy Spirit is speaking to the Church so that the prophets that attend can sharpen and augment what they have been receiving. Module 3 will help prophets understand how to effectively work with fivefold leadership teams and strengthen the local churches they are a part of.

Some of the topics covered in module 3 are:

  • Developing and working with a prophetic presbytery
  • Developing and leading prophetic teams
  • Prophesying and directing churches, businesses and nations
  • Dealing with Jezebel and other evil spirits
  • Stewards of the grace of God and revelation
  • Predictions and warnings and what to do about it (earthquakes, death, disasters, etc.)
  • How to know if you are transitioning into an apostolic call
  • Being a prophet with an apostolic mindset

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