Derek Ott is an emerging apostle of good standing in character with the spirit of excellence and charisma. His prophetic gifting has empowered him to bring God's proceeding word to churches and individuals alike. The local churches who had received his ministry have been greatly impacted with lives changed and bodies healed. Different men in high places, especially in the marketplace have been touched by his life and gifts.  Derek carries a strong grace in the area of worship and commands a tremendous favor with His Presence. I highly recommend him as one who will represent the apostolic-prophetic accurately. The churches in the U.S.A. need his input and soon the nations will also demand for it. Derek is happily married to Veronika and they live in Chicago with their daughter Sophia. Enjoy God's Gift. (Proverbs 18:16) 

Dr. Jonathan David

Presiding Apostle I.S.A.A.C.  
(International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches)



I have been blessed by my close friendship and ministerial co-working with Rev. Derek Ott for over ten years now. We've received from his ministry many times both in his own church as well as in our church in Eastern Europe, and also in a conference setting in England. He is a quality man of God.

Before even getting to talk about the nature of the grace of God that is on his life, allow me to say that he is a man that walks the walk outside the pulpit. The fruits of Christ are very evident and there is nothing pretentious or false about him. His marriage is solid, his church is healthy, and his relationships horizontally are sound. His house is a peaceful haven of joy and rest. I have spent many days on end with he and his wife at different times.

Derek has a strong flow and delivery by which he brings out his teaching, exhortation, or prophetic utterance. There is a surprising accuracy with which he can prophetically 'hit' things that need said, whether on a congregational or individual level. With regard to subject matter, among his many strong areas are:

1) In Christ teaching and New Covenant realities, including healing. 
2) Developing a building and a corporate/ team mentality in the church, where people are not just living for self and the now. 
3) Worship, and the leading of it. Derek, as a musician himself, ministers to the Lord with maturity, and he is well able to lift a congregation in this area.

In conclusion, I highly recommend him. As an apostolic pioneer, having pastored for over twenty years, I am very careful who I let minister to my people. You and your people will be blessed, helped, and challenged by this man of God.
Yours in the great harvest-fields of this world,

Kenneth J. Kaasik
Estonia, Europe



I have known Derek Ott since 2003. As the years have passed I have found him to be continually solid in Word, spirit and character. The first time I sat under his minstry I was really inspired with his ability to unfold the Word in depth, yet simplicity. Derek is very Word based in his ministry. Yet he has an amazing capacity to hear the Spirit, follow the Spirit and exercise spiritual gifts (in particular the prophetic but not limited to this).

Our church, Kingsway Christian Centre in Sale, Australia, was immediately impacted and empowered by his teaching and spiritual impartation. The freedom to press into our community without fear but confidence in Christ, to exercise supernatural power and miracles began almost immediately.

Derek's personal values and life are equally impactful. He is a man of honour and integrity, humble yet strong, honest and thoughtful. During his visit he stayed in our home, which allowed us to see him in many aspects.

If you are looking for a man and a ministry that can:

  • empower your people to break personal boundaries
  • find the power of God to help those in church and in community beyond church

I highly recommend Derek. He lives and ministers under apostolic accountability and authority through the ISAAC network. He ministers in authority because he knows how to function under authority. He has an amazing wife with equal qualities and a special little girl who will undoubtedly rise strong in the destiny of God under their leadership. In short, they are honourable, prophetically very accurate and strong but gentle. They are welcome in our church family any time.
Thank You Derek.

Pastor Graham Gunning
Kingsway Christian Centre
Sale, Australia