New Testament vs. Old Testament?By Derek Ott

This is for all you New Testament people out there. It's true we need to have a New Testament mentality and mode of operation, but you really cannot do that unless you understand the Old Testament.

A few things about the law that we should remember:
1. It is good and spiritual, I Timothy 1:18
2. Jesus came to fulfill it not destroy it, Matthew 5:17. Now we can fulfill it because we don't have a sin nature anymore. 
3. It has now changed address, Hebrews 10:16. It's not on tablets of stone. It is written in our hearts and minds. 
4. In the New Testament the law had been upgraded, Matthew 5:38-48. God has higher standards now than in the Old Testament! 

We are redeemed from the civil an dietary laws but not the moral law. Eg. You can have a pork chop sandwich if you want to but adultery is still sin. Sin is still sin. Jesus made New Testament living with higher standards. He said if you just keep looking at a woman and it gets in you're heart then you've committed adultery. Esau was called an adulterer in Hebrews 12 and he never did the physical act. He sold his birthright.

I Corinthians 10 talks about the judgment that can come on Christians in the New Testament. Something to think about.