The gospel of American culture vs. the Gospel of the KingdomBy Derek Ott

The gospel of American culture is basically a gospel of self. It puts self as a priority, or more accurately the flesh as a priority and places it on the throne instead of God. This is deception! Jesus doesn't want to improve you. He wants a new you. That can only be done by being born again and becoming a new creation. Sons of God are not new evolutions. They are new creations. Just think about the amount of self-help books there are today. People are getting rich writing this junk and catering to this market because so many Christians would rather improve themselves rather than pick up their cross and follow Jesus. 

The gospel of American culture makes the tragic mistake of teaching people to personalize the Word of God to the point that it excludes covenant relationships and their value. It virtually does away with accountability. There is no doubt that God is a personal God. He loves you as his own child, but sometimes we relate with Him like He has no other children. "It's just me and Jesus". No. It's not. God has a family and you are part of it. When God first made a covenant with Abraham the promise was that through Abraham the families of the Earth would be blessed. God never wanted to bless just Abraham. He was looking to bless nations. 

Jesus plainly revealed that He is the vine and that we as believers are the branches. He didn't say branch. Branches are connected not only to the vine but to one another. You cannot have one without the other. The body is connected to the head and members of the body are connected to one another. This is important to understand because there are so many promises in the word of God that were never meant to be claimed just on an individual level. You can't just claim it by faith just for you. There are promises that you can claim by faith as an individual, such as divine healing.

Philippians 1:6 states, "He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".

American culture interprets this scripture like this:

"Paul was speaking to just me. This verse will be fulfilled if I believe it and claim it and confess it regardless if I am faithful or not to a local church"

The Gospel of the Kingdom says, "This scripture applies to the entire church. Therefore, this can only be fulfilled if I stay connected and in fellowship with the local church". 

We were never meant to come to church to be blessed or have our needs met. We are the church. We come together because Jesus met our needs and we are already blessed. We gather together to be further equipped and to get the business of the Kingdom done. We are a family and an army called to do victorious battle for The Lord. This can never happen if the pulpits all across America keep training the people in the pews to think that God exists for them. He created us for Him! If the message is that God is here for you to make you happy and to meet your needs only, and not that we are here for God to be His hands and feet in this lost world then the Church will remain weak and ineffective. No wonder the world calls God a crutch for weak people. What do we expect? That is what we show the world. Unbelievers somehow know how to prosper, but most Christians cannot even get out of debt. Then we go to church and are told if we give a certain amount of money that everything will just all of a sudden be OK. Does God miraculously provide? Of course He does. However, He also wants us to operate with wisdom. Jesus Himself quoted from the book of Proverbs a lot. One of the major themes in Proverbs is prospering and making wealth through hard work and wisdom. You can give your last dime and still be broke. If you don't work hard or have the wisdom or skills to manage your money, you'll never make and keep wealth no matter how much you tithe. 

God wants the Church in America to have a revolution. We need more than a revival or an awakening or even a movement. We need a revolution in God. But for this to happen you and I will have to pay a price. The average Christian today doesn't want to hear the truth much less do it. The Gospel of American Culture is easier, but it's a lie and it's from Hell and it will fail. 

God is challenging you to rise up. Will you be one that loves the truth of God's word or will you look to have your ears tickled by the seducing spirits that the Bible says would come to deceive people? I Timothy 4:1 & II Timothy 3:1-9.

If you choose the Gospel of the Kingdom you may be unpopular in Earth, but you'll be a hero in Heaven. You'll be feared by Hell. Your church may be small in numbers, but you'll be stronger in the end and be surrounded with that great cloud of witnesses. The Spirit of The Lord is looking for those that will speak the truth in love and be His voice in the be a light that shines in this darkness. Will you answer the call today? 

Joshua 1:6-9 NKJV

"Be strong and of good courage...Only be strong and very courageous...Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”